Of course I write blogs!

People have been asking me if I write blogs and I always say, “Of course I write blogs.”

Then for some reason they say “Do you even know what blogs are?”

I don’t know why you guys always ask me that. Of course I do. Heck I remember I the first I wrote blogs was on a dumpster. It was in all caps “BLOGS”.

Man I was so scared I was going to get caught. But I didn’t, and I’ve been writing “BLOGS” like everywhere since.

I’m so hard core I even have a tattoo that says BLOGS.

So I’m tired of you guys telling me about BLOGS. You should be asking me for pointers not telling me that I need to get more “high tech”.

Which brings me to my next point. I’m SOOOO high tech! I’ve got like 2 pagers and if you can’t tell I’m using my electronic typewriter right now to send you this letter. I’ll be honest I’m not sure where to insert the paper so I can line up the tabs but it’s only because its a new typewriter. So it looks like it’s up to me to pave the way again for the rest of you.