Never tell your wife that her personality reminds you of a fish.

OK. Lets start by setting this up and letting you know exactly what was said:

Wife: What about my personality?

Me: umm…ummm…It reminds me of a fish.

Wife: !@#$%^&*(!%&!!

Looking back I probably could of done better. I think I should of been more specific, like a Walleyed Pike or Large Mouth Bass.

I know how it sounds but I meant well. I love fishing. But to be honest I really don’t know what kind of personalities fish have. The truth is my wife wanted to talk to me when I was watching In-Fisherman on the Outdoor Channel.

I got confused.

How could she expect a good answer when I’m learning about the latest lure and fishing techniques?

We’ve been married long enough that she should know better.

Come to think of it, this is her fault not mine. She knows that she’s suppose to tell me what to say.

By all rights it should be her that is banned to the shed not me.

It’s cold in here.

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